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TechBriefings - Quick Note About Energy....

Energy used to be easy-you go to work, you turn on your lights, you pay the light bill and move on to the next month. Then, almost overnight, the price of utilities--especially natural gas and electricity--have gone through the roof. Natural gas prices have experienced an almost four-fold increase in less that 5 years and electricity routinely increases 8% to 10% every few years.

 Many are wondering; not if they can be profitable, but can they keep the doors open!At TechBriefings (out energy arm is On-Target Energy) we are making a difference in the way organizations consume, purchase and even think about energy.  We have developed a comprehensive audit, monitoring and assessment program to assure that our recommendations will generate fast paybacks and real dollar reduction in your energy bills. We stand behind our work and will make sure you get a great return on your time and dollars! Give us a call (865.389.6274) and see how we can make difference for you! Our email is

What's New

Our new Energy Division (On-Target Energy) is working diligently in on planning for multiple large decommissioning jobs. We are mentoring clients on how to develop the project management plan, WBS, schedule and costing for various projects. We have begun the Winter 2013 UT Project Management and Lean Certificate Courses. Courses and project work are underway utilizing Lean, Six Sigma and PMI techniques-we are focusing on saving energy!

Work on Six Sigma projects is moving along with a number of clients; including Department of Energy.