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TechBriefings is known for our person, exciting and engaging classes. We believe that teaching is an individual and personal relationship with a student. Teachers that spend more time interacting and working directly with students are perceived as supportive and effective teachers. Our instructors are enthusiastic classroom facilitator; able to bring the passion they have for learning the subjects to the students. In addition to be top-notch facilitators our instructors are real-world practitioners of the topics they teach.

We periodically offer these classes in an online format. We would welcome any requests for courses. Please feel free to give us a call (865.389.6274) and see how we can make difference for you! Additional information may be requested via email:

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Research on Teaching

Research shows that student motivation and attitudes towards school are closely linked to student-teacher relationships. Enthusiastic teachers are particularly good at creating beneficial relations with their students. Their ability to create effective learning environments that foster student achievement depends on the kind of relationship they build with their students.[1][2]. Useful teacher-to-student interactions are crucial in linking academic success with personal achievement.[3] Here, personal success is a student's internal goal of improving himself, whereas academic success includes the goals he receives from his superior. A teacher must guide his student in aligning his personal goals with his academic goals. Students who receive this positive influence show stronger self-confidence and greater personal and academic success than those without these teacher interactions.


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